Fragile was made during May and July, 2020.

FRAGILE from Francisco Narciso on Vimeo.

It represents our condition, the constant searching for physical interaction and the trivialisation of something guaranteed in advance. It represents freedom, prison, tolerance and adaptation. More than a project about the pandemic, this work is focus on our condition while being in community. When faced with an alarming virus, several aspects of the way we live together emerge. We feel panic, insecurity and uncertainty, which makes us stop completely our activity.

Does feeling fragile and vulnerable, make us more aware about our role in the world? To what extent, having been apart for so long, can bring us closer? Give the message across that we need to help each other and be close, not only physically, but also in thought. That’s the main goal of this project.

Models: Carlos Mendes & Marianne da Conceição    Assistant: Luís Gala