Exhibiton in UltraSuperNew Gallery


HENKEI is an exhibition that explores the ever-present drive for transformation, modification, and the pursuit of individuality.

Each image in HENKEI embodies the transformative journey towards one’s ultimate and most authentic self. These photographs resonate with the relentless pursuit of personal growth and the exploration of what makes us extraordinary.

Rather than fixating on an elusive notion of perfection, HENKEI celebrates the beauty found in the searching for personal evolution. It is a testament to the courage, resilience, and authenticity displayed by individuals as they navigate their own transformative journeys.

The Japanese word HENKEI (変形) carries a dual significance, representing not only the change but also an intriguing sense of

individuality. It challenges the viewer to question the nature of transformation and the seduction of the peculiar, and invites you to witness the beauty that arises when one dares to be truly unique.