[Trans]action is a self-portrait project consisting of 22 images that portray the story of a human being who has the appearance of a man with creased masculinity traits during the daytime and at night becomes a woman who summons the quarrel: "Who are you?"

The prefix "trans" suggests "to transform", "to transit", "to transact". The word "action" conveys the idea of attitude, movement, strength, motivation, and intention. The number 2 refers to the existence of polarities: negative/positive, black/white, night/day, ugly/beautiful, female/male. In addition, the number 22 is a capicua, something equal back to front and vice versa.

In technical terms, the choice of analog photography reinforces the idea of duality. There is a link between the nowadays theme of gender transformation and the use of a photography technique from "other times" as a way of registering the same transformation. The choice of black and white photography integrates this same duality.

More than a self-portrait project, this is a self-awareness project. I simulated a gender duality experience in order to better understand the barriers I impose on myself. Breaking with dichotomies is my life and photographic project.